The final episode of our Project Snook video series is about the future of Mote Aquaculture Research Park and fish farming in America. We get to meet the Vice President of Fisheries and Aquaculture for Mote Marine, Dr. Ken Leber PhD. He has fascinating knowledge of the fish industry in our country. He states, "84% of the seafood we eat in this country is imported." He believes aquaculture is the future. You can control the process. You have a secure process with control over the outcomes. If we don't begin to grow our food supply in this country, who knows what might happen. DONATE NOW


Capt Blair Wiggins at Mote Aquaculture Park

In Part 4 of our Project Snook video series, Capt Blair Wiggins heads down to Mote Aquaculture Park in Sarasota to celebrate Day 135 of the first generation of spawned juvenile snook. Capt Blair meets Mote Marine staff scientist, Nate Brennan, PhD. Nate has the difficult task of studying the juvenile snook behavioral patterns. From crowding behaviors to cannabilistic behaviors, Mote Aquaculture Park is the first to ever spawn snook in captivity, so the process is being studied closely by biologists and scientists. Since these fish are going to be let go in the wild some day, the staff wants to make sure the juvenile snook are fully prepared for life outside of a tank.