Capt Blair Wiggins Learning About Snook Larvae

In Part 3 of our Project Snook video series, Capt Blair Wiggins heads down to Mote Aquaculture Park in Sarasota to learn how to feed 3 day old snook. Matt Resley, Mote Senior Marine Biologist, shows Blair how small the larvae and how difficult it can be to feed them. At 3 days old, the snook larve have mouths and eyes and begin to feed. They need live prey to initiate first feeding. Matt and his staff at Mote Aquaculture Park feed the young snook rotifers or zooplankton. The feed study will allow the biologists to enrich the rotifers with Omega 3 Fatty acids and other nutrients to see if they grow faster or become more healthier. Mote Marine is creating our next generation of sport fish, and we need your donations to fund all the work they do.