Mote Aquaculture Park Habitat Restoration

In Part 6 of our Project Snook video series, Capt Blair Wiggins travels to Mote Aquaculture Park in Sarasota, Florida to check out their newest project - habitat restoration. The folks at Mote Marine won't let anything go to waste. The aquaculture fish farming process creates a lot of waste, and so the biologists came up with the idea to use the "fish poop" to grow red mangroves, spartina grass and more. Mote Aquaculture Park is now spawning pompano. Pompano are voracious eaters, so the habitat grow houses were connected to the fish tanks to provide an endless supply of nutrient rich potting soil. Kevan Main, Director of Mote Aquaculture Park, is not only spawning snook in captivity, they are also growing the habitat for the fish to survive in the wild. Incredible!