We are not even half way into the first month of the new year and Project Snook is off to an amazing start. Just before New Year’s, Project Snook received some last minute donations that brought the year end figures to a staggering new grand total. Shortly after the ball dropped in the Big Apple, Mote Marine’s Center for Aquaculture Research and Development received a letter from the University of South Florida with very exciting news.

December brings out the generosity in people and Project Snook graciously accepted charitable donations from industry partners. Dick’s Sporting Goods sent their second $5000 donation to back the project. TrueFlies, a new apparel company, showed their appreciation of Mote’s snook research with a $5000 donation as well. These newly acquired funds pushed the grand total to an overwhelming new high.Dr. Kevan Main, Center Director for Mote’s Aquaculture Park, reported this week that their proposal to University of South Florida has been selected to receive a $25,000 matching funds grant. McCabe Productions, Inc. has already fulfilled their portion through Addictive Fishing’s Project Snook contributions and donations. This $25,000 grant from the Florida High Tech Corridor will bring a new high powered microscope to the research facility which has the ability to record their findings in beautiful quality HD format.Addictive Fishing’s Project Snook has reached an amazing goal in a short amount of time - $42,750.00. Remember, Project Snook only got underway in the second quarter of 2010. The project members have a lot to be excited about and look forward to a full year with great enthusiasm in 2011.


Addictive Fishing visits Mote Aquaculture Park (MAP) to officially kick off - Project Snook - to raise funding and public awareness for Mote Marine’s snook hatchery program.

Kevan Main and Carole Neidig from MAP greeted a group of representatives from Addictive Fishing, MPI Productions, and Dick’s Sporting Goods to graciously accept donations that will keep the doors open and the pumps running.

Mote was on the verge of closing their snook stock enhancement program due to financial cutbacks of today’s adjusting economy. The same day MAP held a meeting regarding the future of the program program, Kevin McCabe, producer of Addictive Fishing Television, had the idea to become a part of the snook research project.

"The fish gods have been very, very good to me, my partner Capt. Blair Wiggins and Addictive Fishing, and now it's our turn to give back," Kevin explains.  Addictive Fishing Television is using their pull with sponsors to raise money for Project Snook.

Star brite, flagship sponsor of Project Snook, delivered 1000 bottles of biodegradable limited edition Blair’s Boat Wash. Each bottle will sell for $10 and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the funding of the project.

Lauren Delaney, representative from Dick’s Sporting Goods, delivered a check in the amount of $5000 that will be used to purchase special lighting and salt for the tanks that house the spawning fish.

Mote Marine Laboratories started raising hatchery-reared snook in 1997. Over 52,000 snook have been tagged and released into local waters as of 2009.